Growing Cauliflower

How to Grow Cauliflower: 5 Guides

If you need information on growing Cauliflower, here are 5 guides to help you. From a quick 30-second guide, all the way to recipes and suggestions for eating your harvest.  Check out the following five guides: 30-Second Guide to growing Cauliflower Basic, quick and dirty, no fluff, no frills guide to cauliflower. When you don’t have much time for reading and research, this is the site to go to. * Disclaimer: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. You don’t have to purchase them through my links, but if you do, you will help support StraightWay, Inc.[…]

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Growing and Harvesting Cauliflower

Growing and Harvesting Cauliflower in the Fall Garden

Cauliflower is best grown as a fall crop. It can be grown in the spring, but that is not recommended. Cauliflower needs cool temperatures to grow best. It requires deep rich soil, plenty of organic material, cool temperatures and plenty of water and fertilizer. Planting Cauliflower: Planting as a spring crop: Plant outdoors around January 15. Be sure to keep an eye out for any freezing weather, and protect the young crop with row covers and mulch. Planting as a fall crop: plan for harvesting at the first fall frost date (Dec. 15 in Zone 9). Check your seed package[…]

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