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Why you should listen to the Zone 9 Gardener

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* Garden better
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Who is this guy, and what does he know?


Hello! My name is Eric, and I have been a gardener from my teenage years, helping with my dad’s garden. I stopped gardening when I started a technology job that included lots of travel, then started again after settling down, getting married and raising a family in a new house. That first garden was a tiny 4×8 foot plot of hard-packed, sun-baked clay soil; I kept expanding over the years until now I have a 900 square foot garden and several fruit and nut trees.

I want to educate new gardeners and encourage existing gardeners through my experiences and experiments through 30+ years of gardening. The Zone 9 Gardener is for serious gardeners, looking for results; those that can put in the time and effort required to grow a productive garden in Texas Zone 9. If that is you, you will gain knowledge and confidence in gardening tasks. When you leave the Zone 9 Gardener, you should feel confident and empowered, with an “I can do this” attitude.

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I am hoping that this site will grow into a vibrant community of gardening enthusiasts, sharing knowledge among all the members.