About the Blog

What’s in the Zone 9 Gardener for me?

Do you want to:

* Garden better
* Become more self-sufficient
* Eat more healthy, organic vegetables?

Then the Zone 9 Gardener is for you!

The Zone 9 Gardener covers step-by-step gardening tutorials, explaining in simple terms what to do in the garden, and the best ways to do it. I will blog about foundation topics to get the garden going, and give information on growing specific crops. I will share my experiences and experiments (good and bad) with gardening in the Texas heat and humidity.

This site will be a source for information about growing vegetables without pesticides and in harmony with nature. It will also be a reference library or hub of sorts, with links to other gardening sites and articles for further research.

How to navigate through this blog:

Depending on your level of gardening experience, there are several paths you can take through my blog. Start by opening the Resources menu item. New gardeners can start with the New Gardener Guides; more experienced gardeners can find information for specific vegetables in the Vegetable Gardening Guides and Seasonal Gardening Guides. Advanced gardeners will find information on other topics such as Companion Planting, Beneficial Insects, Crop Rotation Plans, Plant Families or Market Farming in the Advanced Gardening Guides area of the blog.

Where to go from here:

Go deeper into the Zone 9 Gardener using the paths I have laid out. Sign up to receive monthly free reports on what to plant that month, as well as “gardener talk” about the weather and the bugs. You will also receive reminders of what was shared on the blog that week, so you won’t have to remember to come back time and time again. (“What was that website name again?”) Take advantage of my 30+ years of gardening experiences by subscribing to my newsletter.

You can also follow me on Facebook and Pinterest. Check out the About page for my info.

I am hoping that this site will grow into a vibrant community of gardening enthusiasts, sharing knowledge among all the members.