A Walk in the late October garden


Broccoli and-Cauliflower in the fall garden
Broccoli and Cauliflower in the fall garden

Once again, walk with me on my monthly garden tour. You can follow along with my plot plan from the post A Tour of my Garden. I am walking through and observing from the gate to the back beds, so you can see how my garden grows (or doesn’t grow, as the case may be).

The first herb garden plot has mint, stevia, oregano and lemon basil. The mint is still green, but thinning out. Most of the leaves are at the ends of the now-woody stalks. There is an ant bed in among the mint, putting the lie on the story that mint repels ants. The stevia has died. The oregano is still growing strong, and the lemon basil I planted in late September is still growing.

Plot 2 has regular basil, with woody stems, but some leaves at the ends, like the mint. The thyme never did very well, and has died, but the parsley I planted earlier is still growing.

Plot 3 has rosemary, which is still green. I planted some earlier in the year, but I think it got too much water, and died. The tarragon has died. It grew to cover a large area. The lemon balm is doing good.

Plot 4 has the small tomato that has shaken off its summer lethargy, and is putting on tomatoes, some of which are turning red. I transplanted two plants during the spring rains; one took off growing, while this one stayed small until now. We used up most of the ginger, but planted a bit more; it hasn’t come up yet. The chives are growing well.

Plot 5 is the one I just planted a week ago; nothing visible yet. I planted lettuce, spinach, and kale. Just this last weekend I planted onions and garlic. They finally showed up at my big box store. I figured planting on the fence would be out of the way, since the onions and garlic will take six months or so until they are ready for harvest. Last year’s crop, my first, had a large harvest, but it was in the way of other plantings. A word to the wise.

Tomato and Peppers in the fall garden
Tomato and Peppers in the fall garden

Further into plot 5 is the large tomato plant, still producing. I haven’t seen hornworms or leaf-footed bugs for a few days. Last year, there were more, and earlier in the season. This year, I didn’t see any until late in the season. The chili peppers are growing, the bell peppers are still producing. The eggplant seems to have been exhausted–only a few small purple fruits still hanging.

I just planted the last part of plot 5 this last weekend; nothing visible yet. It has more lettuce, spinach and kale. I have these crops staggered throughout the garden; this will prolong the harvest time.

My corn in plot 6 is being slowly harvested. The bush beans are also producing. Since this was the fall. I didn’t plant the “third sister,” squash. Next to that, I planted chard (nothing visible yet), lettuce, beets and kale. Just a few sprouts coming up from them. I planted another three rows last weekend.
The 2 plots I planted earlier in October are growing slowly. I can recognize vegetables in among my clover cover crop. I am surprised how slowly things are growing. This is the first year I have seriously tried a fall crop. Before, it was a “hit and miss” thing, if it grows, okay, if it doesn’t, not much lost. Now I am being conscientious about watering and watching for growth.

The watermelon still has green leaves; I saw some baby watermelons earlier, but nothing is growing larger yet, just leaves. The cauliflower and broccoli are now growing well, having survived the cabbage worms. No heads yet, just leaves. By the way, you can chop the leaves into a salad, they taste just like the heads!

And finally, the okra is just abut spent. Just a few fruits growing now. Earlier in the summer, I had to harvest twice a day to keep them from getting too large.

I have made two frog shelters at the end of my garden, and added a water feature which I fill every time I water. I’m hoping the two frogs I keep shooing out of my plots will take up residence there. So far, no luck, just a “vacancy” sign.

So, some plots are green and growing, some are brown and dying, and some, having just been planted, I am hoping for a winter harvest. Tell me in the comments, how is your garden growing this month?


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