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Green Bell Peppers
Green Bell Peppers, in late September

The Zone 9 Gardener is about gardening in hot and humid Texas Zone 9.

     There are lots of blogs and gardening websites, but many of them do not relate to this area. Either they start the planting season too late, or give up on gardening too early; gardening in south Texas can be a year-round effort.
     This blog will focus specifically on Zone 9 and year-round gardening. Since I actively cultivate a 900 square-foot garden, I have the experience to tell you when to plant what, and how to care for your plantings so that you get the most crops per area. I will cover organic gardening, companion planting and permaculture topics, among other things.
     I will share what works for me, and what doesn’t. I’m always experimenting, and I will share my results, both good and bad, with you. You can learn from my mistakes, and hopefully share some of your gardening experiences with the Zone 9 community.

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