Growing and Harvesting Cauliflower

Growing and Harvesting Cauliflower in the Fall Garden

Cauliflower is best grown as a fall crop. It can be grown in the spring, but that is not recommended. Cauliflower needs cool temperatures to grow best. It requires deep rich soil, plenty of organic material, cool temperatures and plenty of water and fertilizer. Planting Cauliflower: Planting as a spring crop: Plant outdoors around January 15. Be sure to keep an eye out for any freezing weather, and protect the young crop with row covers and mulch. Planting as a fall crop: plan for harvesting at the first fall frost date (Dec. 15 in Zone 9). Check your seed package[…]

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November garden to do list

The HoneyDo Gardening List for November

November is the last month before frost here in Zone 9. The first average frost date is November 15; the last average frost date is December 15. My garden journal says there was a frost on November 13, 2014; I don’t recall it freezing at all last year. That’s Texas weather for you. So, there is about 30 days left in the growing season. Things are slowing down in the garden. The plants I planted in October have sprouted, but are growing slower than I had expected. They are frost-hardy, so I am not worried too much about frosts. My[…]

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October Calendar

You’re Late for a Very Important Date!

Things to do in October for Year-Round Gardening You’d better hurry! You’re late! It is time (and past time) to plant your fall crops. The trick to a fall harvest is to get the seeds into the ground when it is cool enough for them to germinate, but also to allow enough time for them to grow and mature before the first frost. How do you pick the right time frame? First, find the date of the first fall frost in your area. In Zone 9, the earliest frost is November 15, and the latest frost date is December 15th.[…]

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