Intercropping vegetables diagram

Intercropping-Friends Helping Friends

Intercropping is the practice of planting one plant in between other plants. An example would be planting lettuce in between heads of Cauliflower or Broccoli. Since the Cauliflower or Broccoli have to be planted 18-24 inches apart, it leaves a lot of space to plant lettuce. There are several variations of intercropping: Mixed intercropping, where two crops are mixed haphazardly in the available space. Row cropping, where the two crops are planted in alternating rows. Temporal intercropping, when you plant a fast-growing crop in with a slow growing one at the same time. Relay intercropping is similar, in that you[…]

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Lettuce Varieties

The Battle in the Garden

There is a battle going on underneath the calm exterior of your garden. In the air, on the plants and underground, a silent war is raging. There are allies and there are enemies, and there are neutral parties that are friendly to one side or the other. This is the world of companion planting. Most gardeners think of companion plants as those that help each other out, such as Eggplant and Peppers. However, there are also plants that should not be planted together, because they inhibit each others growth. Examples of these types of plants are garlic and beans or[…]

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